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Cohn & Company is a close-knit group of  full-service real estate professionals who love their work and their communities. Our culture is defined by kindness, mutual respect and encouragement. If you are interested in working in a place where people appreciate and support one another inside and outside the office, our agency might be a good fit for you. 

Our Mission

At Cohn and Company, we provide our agents with the best technology, administrative support, and industry information so that they may lead their markets in efficiency, compliance, and production. We create and implement the latest, research-backed, processes and automation systems to maximize client conversion and retention so that our agents can reach their full professional potential year over year while maintaining balanced and fulfilling personal lives. 

Our Culture

We cultivate a working environment that fosters kindness and cooperation and that upholds our shared values of integrity, honesty, and community support. Home and business ownership is at the center of the American Dream and is the foundation of a stable and prosperous community. We are honored to champion and be a reliable partner to the agents that affiliate with us as they facilitate the transactions that ultimately tie society together. 

Our Values

We believe that at its core real estate is about being good to people; the people we work for, the people who work for us, and all the people that are affected by the work that we do. We are proud of our agents and the work Cohn and Company have done over the last 70 years and it is our privilege to continue to build on that legacy of greatness for generations to come. 

Our Invitation

We invite agents at every stage of their career to come in and let us show you what we can do for you and your business. Whether you are just starting out, ready to level up, or just want to find the right group of people to to spend your work life with, we would be happy to sit with you and see if we can be a good fit. We pride ourselves on being kind, candid and approachable. We love people and so whether you decide to come work here or not, we will always be glad we spent a little time getting to know you. 

Opportunities For Growth

Become An Agent

We are a powered by ERA company which means we have access to cutting edge technology to help make your business run smoother, faster and become more lucrative. Our weekly sales meetings focus on supporting each others businesses and also conveying new methods, market data and resources so you can stay ahead of the curve. We run a mastermind group twice a month dedicated to helping each agent get their business to the next level. If you want to feel inspired and supported in your growth, there is no better place than Cohn & Company.

We have helped many people make the transition from their previous careers to becoming real estate agents. If you are serious about making a change and starting the journey to freedom and success that real estate provides, we are committed to helping you. From start to finish we will help you navigate the process. And once you do become licensed, our one-on-one training and mentorship program will ensure that you are ready to build a career that will last a lifetime.


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